Besides producing calcined petroleum coke, Petrocoque produces every year round
1.300 thousand tons of water steam generated in boilers designed to recover thermal energy derived from the calcination process of the green petroleum coke, thus carrying out the best practices of sustainability of the productive processes.

This steam is commercialized and supplied to neighboring industries, which use it as sustainable energy, by means of circuits in their own processes, not burning fuel in their own boilers, thus leading to savings of non-renewable natural resources as well as to reduction of emissions in the area for steam is clean energy.

The amount of power made available by the burning of volatile matter and of part of the carbon burnt in the coke is used in the generation of water steam in the heat recovery boilers which will , in the sequence, generate electric power by means of turbo generators, optimizing the whole cycle of Petrocoque’s industrial process, thus adopting the best practices of sustainability and energy generation.