Production Process

From green petroleum coke, our basic raw material, we produce calcined petroleum coke with low sulfur and metal content and with excellent physical-chemical properties, serving the most demanding customers in the market. We are the only producer of anode grade calcined coke in Brazil, used in some of the leading aluminum industries in Brazil and the world.

Far more than processing petroleum to produce calcined petroleum coke, Petrocoque guarantees a sustainable production process.

  1. Processo Produtivo | Petrocoque
    Step 01

    Tons of green petroleum coke arrive every day from the refineries at our industrial unit, located in Cubatão, São Paulo.

  2. Processo Produtivo | Petrocoque
    Step 02

    The green petroleum coke is ground to adjust particle size and then stored in a covered patio.

  3. Processo Produtivo | Petrocoque
    Step 03

    The green petroleum coke is transported from the patio to the calcining ovens, where it is transformed into calcined petroleum coke at high temperatures.

  4. Processo Produtivo | Petrocoque
    Step 04

    Then the calcined petroleum coke is cooled and stored in silos and/or covered shed. It is then transported to the main consumer market, the aluminum market.

  5. Processo Produtivo | Petrocoque
    Step 05

    During the transformation from green petroleum coke to calcined petroleum coke, a large amount of thermal energy is generated, which is used for the generation of water vapor and electricity, keeping Petrocoque self-sufficient in electrical energy generation. Surplus electricity and steam are sold, keeping the process highly sustainable.

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