About us

Innovative, modern, integrated to society and environment, these are major features of Petrocoque, petrochemical company which, for more than 40 years, acts in producing and trading calcined petroleum coke and related products and in generating and selling electric energy.

Leading South American company in calcined petroleum coke production and trading, Petrocoque was founded in 1972 and its shareholders structure is equally made up of Petróleo Brasileiro S/A – Petrobras, and Universal Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda.

In its industrial unit in the city of Cubatão, State of São Paulo, Petrocoque has three petroleum coke calcining units and one electric power cogeneration unit recently opened in 2016, resulting in a nominal calcined petroleum coke production of approximately 532 thousand tons per year, added to electric power generation capacity of up to 18MW and thermal energy generation (steam) of up to 1.3 million tons.


Petrocoque along Time

Industrial Unit
Rod. Cônego Domênico Rangoni SP-055, s/n – km 267,5
Zona Industrial – Cubatão/ SP – Brasil – CEP 11573-000
Tel: 55 (13) 3362-0200 – Fax: 55 (13) 3361-2056

The Industrial Unit is located 70 km away from the capital of the State of São Paulo, close to the Anchieta-Imigrantes road complex, built to provide easy access to major country’s roads and ports.

Its logistic efficacy is complemented by the proximity with the raw-material supplier, Petrobras, which assures timely delivery of excellence calcined petroleum coke to Brazil and to the world.

Petrocoque considers critical for the success of the perpetuation and competitiveness of its strategy, to sustainably act in its calcined petroleum coke and energy businesses.

And as a commitment to all our stakeholders, it is a value for those working at Petrocoque Group to act in an integrated, ethical and transparent manner in is management and decision processes, promoting human rights and citizenship, respecting human and cultural diversity, not allowing prejudice and contributing to sustainable development, creating economic and social value, respecting the environment.