Calcined Petroleum Coke

Petroleum calcined coke and its differentials that make it exclusive

The CALCINED PETROLEUM COKE is a high purity carbon used in the aluminum, metal working and steel mill industries. The petroleum calcined coke is also used in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes and other industrial processes requiring high purity carbon.

The CALCINED PETROLEUM COKE from Petrocoque has characteristics that make it unique: excellent physicochemical properties, high VBD and low levels of metallic contaminants.

It is important to note that it contains only 0.72% of sulphur content, one of the lowest in the world.

All those facts have a significant leverage in smelters performance. Part of those qualities come from it raw material, the Green petroleum coke, a product with high levels of consistency originating from a sole source, – the Campos Basin, Petrobras exclusive supply.

With our units being certified by international norms ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17025 and OHSAS 18001, we ensure and guarantee the commitment with the quality of the product, in the compliance to the clients’ specifications within standards required worldwide, with the preservation of the environment and care for the health and safety of our employees.

Each portion of Calcined Petroleum Coke we produce has built-in the highest quality, linked to an effective logistics and efficient service. All that to make available to our clients an extremely high performance calcined coke, with low sulphur content and constant quality – the secret of our success.

Fine petroleum coke

Fines’ Petrocoque with 99% carbon, low metal contaminants, which may be used by several worldwide industry segments, through big-bags. It’s current production volume is approximately 30 thousand tons/year.


Special Client Service

“To follow market movements.”

“To follow market movements." Based on this premise Petrocoque tries to make its product available to its clients in the best possible way. In times of globalized economy, organizations search for excellence in quality, competitive price and trust for a long standing partnership and Petrocoque has the structure to grant special treatment to its clients.

If your problem is calcined coke, your solution is Petrocoque.

Reliable logistics

The Petrocoque Group is located 70 km. from the capital city of the state of São Paulo. It is interlinked to the Anchieta-Imigrantes road complex having easy access to railroads and ports. The logistic effectiveness is complemented by the continuous and exclusive supply of Petrobras raw material, ensuring an agile delivery of excellent quality calcined petroleum coke to the whole of Brazil and to the world.


Petrocoque offers a large spectrum of carbon analytical tests and researches using last generation resources, even being accredited by ISO 17025 in assays of Alcan and Alcoa Real Density and Apparent Density methods.

Such accreditation measures exclusively lab competency, for the auditing process measures evidences of issues related to proficiency, uncertain measures, calibration, calculus memory, training and mainly traceability.

Besides analysis carried out in green coke and calcined coke, the laboratory makes assays geared to environmental issues, more precisely sanitary effluents and industrial effluents, as well as monitoring the boilers´ water.