Sustainability is connecting attitudes to improve the planet.
Sustentabilidade | Petrocoque
Sustentabilidade | Petrocoque


Petrocoque's actions are conceived and implemented in accordance with the commitments undertaken with the stakeholders. As we are located in the Industrial Pole of Cubatão, we maintain relationships with associations and city councils.

We are associated with the Trade Union of Chemical Industries (SINPROQUIM), the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP) and the Development and Integration Center (CIDE). In addition, we participate in forums, councils and associations related to our market. Among them is CIDE's Community Advisory Council, which promotes monthly meetings and fosters good practices in various topics of interest to the community of Cubatão.

The Community Advisory Council is an open channel of communication between the industry and the community that makes it possible to learn about, discuss and assess issues related to safety, health, environment and social responsibility, all related to the Industrial Pole of Cubatão. It strengthens the relationship between the industries, the surrounding community and the representatives of municipal public agencies.

Responsabilidade Social | Petrocoque

Social responsibility

During the first half of 2021, we improved our Social Project Selection Process and announced in August and September to attract projects that would serve Cubatão, with the possibility of extending to Santos, Guarujá, Praia Grande and São Vicente. Five projects were selected for the Rouanet Law and two for the Sports Law. The total contribution for 2022 will be R$ 1,071,037.71. Learn a little about the projects that will be monitored by Petrocoque.

Education, culture, sports and inclusion

One of the projects that was once again encouraged by Petrocoque is the “Programa Cubatão Sinfonia”, created to assist children and young people in situations of social vulnerability and low income, after school. Its purpose is to teach music, singing, choir and body expression. The workshops work on individual expression to develop the practice of citizenship actions in the daily lives of young people.

For the second consecutive year, we also supported the Cubatão Symphonic Orchestra, which focuses on encouraging students who study music in social projects to continue studying instrumental music, in an orchestral format.

For 2022, we once again encourage the Querô Workshops, which carry out activities in audiovisual production for young people aged 14 to 18, supported by an educational program that encourages entrepreneurship and citizenship. These are daily activities that take place throughout the year.

We will also have two specific projects that will be carried out in public schools and will take the themes of water and financial education to children and young people. They are: Planet Water in Scene 4 and The Madness of Grandma Grana. The objective is to raise awareness about the use of water and money.

In Sports, we will have the incentive to Integrar Voleibol (Integrate Volleyball) and to Jovens do Futuro (Youth of the Future) to teach volleyball to youngsters from public schools, after school, in a more vulnerable area in Cubatão. We currently have a nucleus in Jardim Caraguatá.

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