Social accountability

One of our commitments to society is to maintain an ethical and transparent relationship essential to fostering the development in the regions where we are active. We assess the impact of operations on the community at the start of our activities creating mitigation and compensation actions.

Our goal is to generate social, environmental and economic benefits, contributing for sustainable development. We understand that our activities may affect the life of the communities in the areas surrounding our operations and facilities and we aim at establishing a respectful and transparent relationship minimizing negative impacts of local development, always abiding with the current legislation.

Our relationship with the surrounding community is carried out by the Cubatão Center of the Industries of the Estate of São Paulo (CIESP). A Community Committee was created to study and assess the needs where needs are assessed and actions are defined by the local entities together with the industries located at the industrial pole.

Based on Petrocoque’s higher objective of “Promoting a better future for next generations”, the Company invests in social projects, by means of fiscal benefits or not, which are geared towards promoting education, citizenship, sports, life quality, environment and culture, having as a priority its application in the city of Cubatão, but that may be extended to the whole Santista Basin area or specifically children, adolescents or senior citizens.