Prevention of Accidents

We adopt rigorous internal operational procedures in accident prevention and risk control, besides complying with the Brazilian and international safety norms in our facilities. We have and divulge a handbook on safety and procedures for emergency care and risk and danger assessment. All our employees and collaborators know and follow the internal guidelines which prevent accidents from occurring.

All the calcining units in the plant have adequate infrastructure allowing for operational activities to take place in a safe manner. To ensure the continuous identification of hazards, risk assessment and determination of required controls, daily maintenance activities are only carried out after proper analysis of local conditions and their safety. The analysis of identified risks and their communication to the parties involved in those activities aim at mitigating hazards and risks to health and work safety, before the they are carried out.

Under proper guidance, all employees use the individual protection equipment (IPE) applicable to their activities. The safety handbook, the operational procedures and work instructions establish the guidelines and general health and safety rules applicable to employees an collaborators, taking into account transit rules in our facilities, norms for manual transport of loads, of the safety required when dealing with electricity, work at high places or confined spaces, among others.
In emergencies we follow plans and procedures for attending the event, trying to avoid or mitigate their consequences, aiming mainly at preserving human life, as well the safety of collaborators and neighboring communities beside environment protection.

We are members of PAM (Mutual Help Plan)

Life has total precedence for us and we aim at Health, Safety, Environment and Social Accountability. Respect is one of our values.

In line with that, Petrocoque is a member of the Cubatão PAM (Mutual Help Plan), created officially in 1977, due to the concern of the communities located close to the industrial areas. PAM is formed by the Fire Brigades of the Industrial Pole companies and some IPE (individual protection equipment) companies, under the leadership of the city Firefighting Department. This joint effort aims at preventing emergency situations and help in such circumstances.