Petrocoque, active in the petrochemical industry, has as its main activities the production of calcined petroleum coke and related products, as well as the generation, having as a commitment in their businesses the search for the balance in meeting the needs of its stakeholders and the practice of sustainable development.

1. Offers products and services with quality at an international level, in order to meet your customers’ expectations and applicable requirements;

2. Values ​​human capital, permanently developing the employees, thereby ensuring the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management and increased performance;

3. Provides safe and healthy working conditions for prevention work-related injuries and illnesses, eliminating hazards and reducing risks;

4. Promotes protection of the environment, including pollution prevention

environmental, health and occupational safety, acting in accordance with

the legal and other requirements adopted by the Company;

5. Promotes consultation and participation of workers and, if any, its representatives;

6. Acts with a focus on the truth and ensures transparency regarding the practices of management in relation to social, economic and environmental aspects, interested parts;

7. Values ​​and respects human and cultural diversity.