Environmental Policy

We commit ourselves to reduce the impacts of our business on the environment and society. For that purpose we focus:


  • Adaptation of productive processes for the increase of power efficiency.
  • Reduction of leakages and the monitoring of residual and greenhouse gases.
  • Management of natural resources.
  • Environmentally adequate generation and discarding of residues in processes and services activities.
  • Ecosystems conservation.


We adopt an efficient model of monitoring and control of potential sources of air, water and soil pollution through the best currently available technology in our calcination units so as to keep the emission of residues (after treatment and control) lower than the legal limits and within the technical required by (CETESB) Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (CETESB), connected to the Environment Secretariat of the region.

Clearly, this situation of privileged environmental control demanded a major economic effort and the maintenance of a team of professionals of the highest ethical and technical level.

The Environmental Policy is an integral part of our Policy of Activities, ensuring the commitment to continuous improvement and with the prevention of pollution, compliance to the legislation, to applicable environmental norms and to all other requirements related to environmental aspects subscribed by the organization.