Electric Power

The Petrocoque Electric Power Cogeneration Unit started its operations in May 2016 having and installed capacity of approximately of 18 MWh and being capable to supply electric power to around 26.000 homes/moth.

Such endeavor makes Petrocoque self-sustainable for part of the electric power generated is consumed by its industrial plant while the surplus is commercialized, thus helping Brazil to increase the national offer of electric power.

The electric power is generated by means of a sustainable process using water steam coming from the calcination of green petroleum coke which is redirected to a turbo generator which then produces electric power.

As the system does not require new inputs besides the ones currently used in the productive process, we may affirm that Petrocoque contributes for the generation of a cleaner and friendlier energy to the environment!

In 2016, The Petrocoque Cogeneration Project was proud to represent Brazil at the UN Global Pact, competing in the category “Sustainable Development Goal (ODS) 7 – Clean and Accessible Power.