Corporate Governance

We look for ongoing improvement of our corporate governance system, implementing best practices and intensifying relationships among shareholders, board of directors and controlling bodies. In this process, principles are translated into objective recommendations, aligning interests and the goal of optimizing the value of the organization, thus contributing to its longevity.

General Assembly: Made up of shareholders of the companies of our Group, it decides on their structural and directive subjects, being the highest instance of the organization.

Board of Directors: Collegiate and autonomous within its prerogatives and responsibilities, according to Law and Articles of Incorporation, its responsibility is to deliberate on Petrocoque’s matters, but also to recommend deliberations to the General Assembly for every company of the Group, and may present and formalize its manifestations and opinions on our activities, according to the organization’s Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Compensation Committee: Made up by two full  the members of the Board of Director, is accountable for deliberations  on all issues  regarding Executive Directors’ compensation.

Fiscal Council: Permanently constituted for each of our companies, this body is fully  independent from the Board of Directors and  External Auditors.

Executive Board: Elected by the Board of Directors, is made up of the following directors: Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Director, Industrial Director and Financial Director. Its task is to corporate manage our businesses, according to the mission, objectives, strategies and guidelines approved by the Board of Directors.