Commitments and Participations

In addition to codes and policies, our actions are planned and implemented in compliance with commitments with stakeholders. Since the industrial unit is located in the Cubatão Industrial Pole, we actively participate in the development of the city’s Agenda 21, which aims at defining and spreading the strategic action plan for the sustainable development of the city of Cubatão.

We are members of the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL), Brazilian Association of Chemical Industries (ABIQUIM), Chemical Industries Union (SINPROQUIM), Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (CIESP) and Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP). In addition, we participate in several forums, councils and associations related to our market. Among them there is the CIESP Community Consulting Panel, where we periodically participate in discussions and best practices promotion in different subjects relevant to the Cubatão community.

  • CIESP Community Consulting Panel is an open communication channel between the industry and the community which allows us to know, discuss and evaluate safety, health, environmental and social awareness issues, regarding Cubatão Industrial Pole. In summary, it is an effective mechanism to enhance the relationship between industries and neighbor community and representatives of municipal public agencies.

Starting in 2016, Petrocoque has joined the UN Global Pact, with the commitment of acting in its business practices based on fundamental values related to human rights, labor relations, environment and fight against corruption, aiming at building a more inclusive and equal global market. Global Pact is not a regulatory instrument, a mandatory conduct code or a forum to control management policies and practices. It is a volunteer initiative intending to supply guidelines to promote sustainable growth and citizenship, by means of committed and innovative corporate leaderships and is directly in line with Petrocoque Mission and Vision.