Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct was created so that we can make the right decisions in our daily working environment, demonstrating commitment and alignment towards Petrocoque’s Values, which are:

Our values


We value life, people and the environment.


We act ethically, with integrity and transparency with all those with whom we interact.


We achieve better results when we work as a team.


We are committed to continuous improvement, adopting the best practices in our operations.

Our Values must be present in all our relationships. We must respect the compliance with the law, the prevention of conflicts of interest and the promotion of good practices, whether among employees, service providers, interns, customers, suppliers, the community, public agencies, among others.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee was created in 2015 and is responsible for monitoring and improving business conduct policies, training, dissemination and application of ethical conduct rules. It manages the Reporting Channel, ensuring the preservation of anonymity and it is also responsible for conducting investigations in any of the areas.

Código de Ética e Conduta Petrocoque

of Interest

The Code of Ethics and Conduct establishes that the company's interests must not be harmed to the detriment of personal interests of its managers and employees.

Therefore, it points out the main situations in which conflicts of interest may occur, according to the picture:

  • Disclosing or making use of privileged information
  • Souvenirs, gifts and hospitality
  • Bribery or favoring
  • Parallel activities conflicting with Petrocoque's business

Anti-corruption Policy

Petrocoque rejects any kind of corruption. It is the responsibility of each one to know the Anti-Corruption legislation in force, in particular Law 12846/13*, as well as any updates. It is also important to apply the rules and precautions set out in the Company's policies and standards, as well as reporting if you become aware of any conduct that is not in line with Petrocoque's values.

Reporting Channel
24-hour service

  • The Reporting Channel must be activated whenever any illegal act, irregularity, non-compliance, any fact that contravenes current legislation, Petrocoque's Code of Ethics and Conduct, internal rules and policies is identified.
  • The company does not accept any type of retaliation against anyone who uses the Reporting Channel, which is easily accessed by all employees and the external public.
  • The channel guarantees the confidentiality of information and the anonymity of its users, promoting a safer environment for everyone.
  • If you become aware of any practice that is not in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct or the anti-corruption law, make an anonymous and confidential report through the channel.

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Differences between Ombudsman
x Reporting Channel

The Reporting Channel

The Reporting Channel is the tool for registering deviations that violate the Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Company's rules and policies.


The Ombudsman is the channel used to record compliments, suggestions, requests or complaints. This process has a direct line to HR, which aims to clarify the information, promoting the quality of communication.

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